Why Do People Expect a Dating App to Be Free?

Any business that provides their products or services completely free of charge would be bankrupt pretty quickly. We have costs to keep you safe as well as costs to run the app, staff costs and all of the other usual business running costs too.

Some other dating apps do provide a free version, but have you ever wondered how they make their money? The truth behind that is pretty scary!

Some Free Dating Apps Sell Your Data to Make Their Money!

Did you know that some of the major dating apps actually sell your data to make their money? They sell it to other dating companies, gambling sites, and even sex sites! It’s actually in their terms and conditions too if you read them!

Are you really comfortable signing up to a dating platform that says  “we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information will always remain secure.”?

Free Dating Apps Do NOTHING to keep out Criminals

In addition to selling your personal information to whoever is buying, free to use dating apps do not carry out any of the safety measures that we do to keep you as safe as possible and to ensure your personal data remains private. In fact, their dating sites and apps are full of fake profiles, catfish and criminals (including sex offenders!). Just do a quick Google search and you will see how many assaults and even murders have happened to people that met on Tinder.

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