Morning? Night? Before moisturising? After?

We understand that panicked feeling when your skin is reactive or seriously dehydrated, and the temptation is to throw every product available at the problem. If you can resist the urge to do so, we recommend establishing a simple routine at first with two or three key steps. For example, cleanse, tone and moisturise.

Once you have established a consistent routine that your skin is responding well to, you can start to expand your routine and add other items which are more targeted to help with particular issues, as Serums do.

We suggest using serums at night time to help boost your skin’s natural repair process while you sleep. For an extra hit of hydration, you can also use in the morning, before applying your day cream.

An easy way to remember what order to use your products in is to always apply them from lightest to heaviest.

Step one: Prepare your skin


We recommend cleansing only in the evening to avoid overwashing your face, using our Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and Dual-Effect Sensitive Skin Cloth.

and/or Tonic

Try this morning and evening, so if you do skip cleansing in the morning just splash on the tonic first thing (or some water) to wake up the skin. We recommend our vitamin rich Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Tonic.

Step two: Nourish your skin


Massage a few drops of the Back To Life Hydration Serum into damp skin straight after your tonic, and let it start to sink in. One-to-two drops are plenty; Serums are packed full of highly concentrated ingredients so a little goes a long way.

or Oil

To make sure you don’t overload your skin, swap your Serum for an oil two or three nights per week. Try our best-selling skin hero Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil.

Step three: Lock in the goodness


Apply your moisturiser. Our Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream gently locks in your skin’s own moisture.

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