You’ve bitten the bullet, emailed back and forth, and talked on the phone – and things seem rosy enough to go on that first date.

But organising the date now feels like the easy bit. It has been years (many years) since you’ve been on a first date, and the anxiety is now overwhelming. What if he/she/they thinks I am boring, too tall, too short. Or I end up with broccoli in my teeth. But most of all, what the heck are we even going to talk about? I don’t know this person.

Firstly, if there is a connection when you meet someone, the conversation shouldn’t be too tricky. If it feels laboured and tough, it is probably because you are just not a match. So, don’t sweat it, if you run out of chat, just realise it wasn’t meant to be.

However, this commonsense thinking doesn’t help when you’re prepping for a date. For added reassurance, it feels good to have a few topics to call upon just in case the tumbleweed rolls across the bar at any point.

So, we all know the ‘no go’s’ – Politics, Exes, Religion and Money, but what are comfortable topics to bring up when you first meet.

Here are some great topics for a first date, that won’t set off the wrong kind of sparks.

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