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Vacation sex! There is just something about it that sends chills up the spine. Regardless of where you’re going with your partner, it’s the anticipation of the location itself; the beauty of the location, the food, the drinks, the music, the water, the touristy spots. It’s also the ability to have the freedom to do nothing. We know why we look forward to vacationing but what makes vacation sex so different than sex at home? And what can we do to make it the best experience?

Vacationing on its own is exciting. We look forward to seeing and exploring new spaces and places, this promotes a sense of adventure and anticipation. Now, add your sweet thing into the mix and the experience is going to turn into a sexy soiree’ with endless opportunities for sensual, hot experiences!

Photo by Angelina and Antonis Antoniou

Vacationing with your partner will have you imagining all sorts of sexy situations. But why?

  • Looking forward to and being in a different location that’s new and exciting is arousing
  • The city itself, the architecture, the store fronts, bars, and shops may be naturally sensually appealing
  • You’re in a different bed that’s in a different room

When you’re on vacation you have very few or no responsibilities, no time constraints, no obligations. Your inhibitions will be lowered in this temporary state of euphoria, so the GOOD sex comes easier and more often. The atmosphere is prime for great sex. A beautifully appointed hotel room with a view of the city or a cruise ship cabin with a balcony overlooking the ocean, or a cabin in the woods with the lake right outside your front door, can bring out the passion and remove all barriers to pure, complete hedonism.

On vacation, we can do what we want without time constraints or obligations. You can have sex any time of day and as many times a day as you and your partner choose. You’re prone to be freer which will make you have sex on the furniture because it doesn’t belong to you.  There are unlimited locations to have sex.  Sex doesn’t have to happen in the confines of your suite, room, or cabin.  Venture outdoors and find a spot in the woods to break into doggy style, a hidden corner on a city street or a secluded spot on the cruise ship after hours to try out a new standing position. If you’re taking a driving road trip, be sure to make time for a quickie in the car and a blow job. Doggy style works well in the back seat as does the cowgirl position.

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Now is also a great time to try out new toys and new positions because of the freedom from time and inhibitions that vacation permits. Things to bring to ensure great vacation sex: water-based lubricant, favorite vibrators like a g-spotter, a p-spotter, a couple’s toy like a vibrating cock ring with a clit tickler, a favorite or new porn DVD or a laptop to download a link. Make sure you have your USB chargers and/or batteries with you and NOT loaded in your toys. Place the lubricant in a plastic bag to ensure there’s no leakage. Vacation sex is great for rekindling the spark in your relationship and your sex life. We see our partners in a different light, they’re in a relaxed, playful mode. The seriousness of day-to-day responsibilities is gone away.

Before leaving for vacation, sit and talk with your partner about sexual expectations while on vacation. Decide if you’ll have sex every day, all day, or whenever the mood hits you both. Will you try different things? Are we bringing toys and lubes?  Will we try something new maybe anal or light bondage? Try not to place really high expectations for the sexual encounters. Enjoy every minute of the vacation and each other.

We all work hard, and we want to play hard too but sometimes actual rest and relaxation are in order so don’t place too much pressure on your partner to always be ready for sex.  Vacation is about restoration and recuperation of our physical, emotional, and mental beings, we’re recharging so allow space and time for those as well. Enjoy!

Photo by Angelina and Antonis Antoniou

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