Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • It’s been hot here this week (over 30º C), which made the guinea pigs lazy and dozy. I also haven’t felt like doing much of anything. There’s still a couple more heat wave days left to go before we get back to a more civilized temperature.
  • I continue to only sleep about 6 hours a night, when my usual is 8 or preferably 9. It’s been cooling down sufficiently at night that I don’t think heat is a factor. Hopefully when I talk to the new GP this coming week she’ll be okay with restarting lithium, and maybe that’ll help (not that lithium is sedating, but the sleep issues are from under-treated depression).
  • I’m really not a fan of shrinkflation. I’m not a fan of inflation either, but at least it puts it out there in the open. Shrinking the size of my cereal box or, more importantly, my ice cream container, is annoying. I don’t want less ice cream, and the amount of cereal I eat per bowl isn’t shrinking; I would rather they just be upfront about the fact that it’s more expensive and give me my damn ice cream.
  • I went to town deleting hundreds of images that I was no longer using on my blog. I got a little overenthusiastic and accidentally deleted a few that I actually was using, but it was still very satisfying to declutter.
  • This week’s new coding adventure is learning how to use something called Ajax, which allows stuff like “like” buttons to do their thing and communicate with the server without needing to reload the page. I’m unlikely to ever use this for anything, but following along with what an instructor is doing in a video and taking copious notes doesn’t require spontaneous thinking, which is good, because my brain is generating diddly squat in that department. The notes are necessary because things don’t stick in my brain, and I organize and colour code them so they can function in place of my memory. I suppose it’s kind of weird that I can follow along with videos on coding, yet coming up with a blog comment/response is really difficult, but it’s very much the spontaneous thought generation part of my brain that’s a bowl of soupy mashed potatoes.
  • Opened Instagram for the first time in a while, and holy crap it sucks. If I wanted the experience of TikTok, I would use TikTok. But I don’t want it. Apparently yesterday they announced that they were rolling back the part of the recent algorithm change that shoved accounts you didn’t know into your feed, but it’s still reels-dominated and TikTok-ish. Fuck off Instagram.

Earlier this week, there was a not guilty verdict in a sexual assault trial involving a former player for the local NHL hockey team. Obviously I didn’t hear the evidence and have no way of knowing what did or did not happen, but what was reported from the trial certainly stirred up feelings of disgust. When cross-examining the accuser, the defendant’s lawyer suggested that if she really didn’t want to have sex, she could have “come up with something to stop things from progressing,” like saying “I have a yeast infection” or “I’m menstruating” (source). I thought she had a very good comeback to that: “I thought saying no I didn’t want to do this, I seriously don’t want to do this, holding my hands on his hips pushing him off me was enough.”

The lawyer later apologized for this “insensitive” suggestion, but that doesn’t negate the fact that this is the way some people think. How is our society so fundamentally fucked up that “no” is not sufficient to indicate that one does not consent to sex?

guinea pig Casper in her wooden house with a container of ice on top of it

A container of ice gives Casper an air conditioned house to snooze in.

How has your week been?

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