First, I was prompted to fill out Trade’s eight-part questionnaire so its’ fancy “human-powered algorithm” could “find my perfect match” — in other words, pair me with roasters and coffees that best fit my drinking preferences. I answered everything from how I brew my coffee (at the moment, I have a deep relationship with my Moka Pot), to what I add to my drink (black or a splash of steamed oat milk), and if I buy my beans whole or ground — and don’t you worry, alien decaf drinkers, you can specify whether you drink regular or decaf too.

Once Trade’s algorithm did its thing, I was given three options to choose from. I was excited to see a few roasters I’d never heard of before and ended up selecting the Civitas Blend from Huckleberry in Denver, CO., which is mentioned as a top selection for Moka Pot drinkers and features notes of rich dark chocolate and raisin-like sweetness. YUM. From there you can customize your order frequency, grind-setting, and how many bags you’d like to receive each month. Even better, Trade will remind you before each order is shipped so you can easily make changes or swap any coffee for a different choice.

Okay, but now to the crazy part: My delivery arrived ONE DAY after the beans were roasted and packaged. I. Was. Shook. This is really a selling point for me because if you didn’t know, the flavor of coffee beans changes the older they get (even if it’s just been a few days!) and they begin to lose freshness the longer they’re exposed to oxygen. To say I was pumped about this peak freshness is an understatement because I don’t even get this type of quick-turnaround from my local Brooklyn roaster.

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