To help you stay on track as we approach all the upcoming festivities and temptations!


  1. When you’re feeling tempted by the forces of cookies and cakes…stop yourself!:) Focus on choosing lean proteins; like shrimp cocktail, steak & tuna bites, grilled chicken skewers, etc.
  2. Second: fill your plate with healthy vegetables. Avoid dips and fried options.
  3. Lastly, only a small bite or two of the “fun stuff” (put that pie down!:)
  4. Use a small plate to avoid over-eating.
  5. Avoid standing near the table.
  6. Limit yourself to one or two trips to the buffet and then step away from the table.
  7. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. And drink one glass of water for every cocktail, glass of wine, etc.
  8. Choose water, sparkling waters, and other non-caloric beverages as a cleaner option.
  9. Have a fantastic Fall and happy & healthy lifestyles and smiles  to all! 


(Trainer Brain Cavanaugh pictured with his daughter.)


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