With mobile ads that match context boosting memorability by almost 30%, it’s no wonder that more advertisers are looking to place their brands next to content that’s relevant to their target audiences.

Now TikTok launched TikTok Pulse, a contextual ad solution that lets advertisers place their campaigns next to top content in the For You Feed. 

With TikTok Pulse brands will have their content placed among the top 4% of videos on the app, appearing next to the most engaging content. 

Right now the company offers 12 categories of Pulse that marketers can place their content next to. These include beauty and fashion but also cooking and gaming. 

The feature boasts an inventory filter to ensure that ads run next to verified content and are suitable for brands. 

It also offers campaign measurement tools like third-party brand suitable and view ability verification to analyse the impact of campaigns. 

TikTok also said it will use Pulse to begin its first ad revenue sharing program with creators and publishers. 

Those with at least 100k followers will be eligible. 

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