As I’ve said before, and I’ll annoy people with this information time and time again, but I don’t wear foundation and I don’t really like it… At all. I’m a hard shade match and most formulas aren’t what I want my skin to look like every day. I want dewy, skin-like skin, which is why I’m a medium concealer kinda gal. My friend Star Donaldson, who truly is one of my biggest makeup inspirations and whose product opinions I hold in the highest of regards said, ‘The Jones Road foundations… are for people like you.’ Which sounds like a read, but it’s not — I truly, truly am obsessed with this foundation. I don’t think it’s long-nail friendly — an entirely arbitrary standard I have for products that come in tubs — but I loved how moisturizing this foundation was. Sometimes, oil-based products just feel like they’re sitting on top of your skin, but not this one. It’s truly a ‘light coverage’ foundation, so if that’s not your gig, this may be not for you. But for the first time, it truly feels like there’s a foundation product you can put on in the back of your car without a mirror and still look incredible. 2022’s Hot Girl Summer just got so much better.”

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