TikTok is making it easier for brands and marketers to see what hashtags and influencers are trending by adding new insights to its Creative Center.

The added insights are aimed at advertisers looking to get a better overview of the songs, creators, videos and hashtags that are the most popular or breaking. 

When clicking on ‘See Analytics’, interest in a trend is charted over time. Other relevant insights include audience insights by age range and their related interests, which is a real bonus for those adjusting their targeting. 

At the same time, understanding what users are listening to or which videos they are most engaging with can also significantly inform the content a brand may want to share to boost their campaign. 

Over the last months, the popular short video app has been boosting its creative insight tools by launching an Ad Library and interactive insights platform to filter data points according to key markets and target audiences. 

Armed with the latest addition, marketers should be able to get an even better understanding of their target users.

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