Tracking and measuring the success of in-app campaigns is notoriously difficult, especially with privacy regulations having ramped up over the last few years. 

Now TikTok wants to help advertisers quantify just how effective their eCommerce campaigns are by launching a partnership with Foursquare. 

Advertisers will be able to use Foursquare Attribution to assess campaign performance, specifically how many users go from ad to store. 

Foursquare Attribution measures the number of people who saw an ad and then visited a store. 

They’ll also glean insights on how much they need to spend to drive a user to a store and what audiences they should be targeting.

TikTok said:

“With Foursquare, this integration will focus on the metrics that are critical to advertisers with physical business locations. Advertisers will be able to understand how effective their media plan on TikTok has been and discover new insights to optimize campaigns, ultimately tying their TikTok investment back to real-world visits at their business locations.”

While Apple ATT may make it harder to track some devices, Foursquare boasts a huge number of integration with platforms including Uber, Snapchat and Twitter reaching a potential 55 million users which means that the feature is still valuable for commerce marketers.

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