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Tardive Dyskinesia is brain injury – Everything Matters


Tardive Dyskinesia is brain damage. It is a medically induced (iatrogenic) INJURY caused by 500 different drugs often used in psychiatry, gastroenterology and Parkinsons. People are rarely told of the risk. It’s often referred to as a side effect of the drugs. This is offensive.

A side effect is not a crippling life long disease and Tardive Dyskinesia is.

Tell the truth psychiatry and western medicine. Your drugs harm…own it and start telling innocents of the risks basefore you drug them.

If the will was there to spend the time with people we wouldn’t need to use neurotoxic psychiatric meds except very rarely and for very short term in crisis. what we do now is poison people longterm because it’s easier for society…that’s the sad truth…our public policies as such are eugenic in nature.

Given most people have no better options (people do need a lot of supports) they have to take them…this doesn’t make it right or good in any way. It’s the way it is in the pharmaceutically driven medical system. Capitalism isn’t interested in helping and it’s a bigger machine than it’s individual constituents.

For photos of the life crippling disease go to this link. It’s too painful for me to have it on the site and be reminded everytime I see it.

More on Tardive Dyskinesia:

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