Relationships are hard. We seem to think there are set rules for relationships and everyone is aware of them. This is just not true.

 If you look up a word in Webster’s dictionary you will often see multiple definitions for the same word. The same is true for relationships.. One person might feel when you’re in a relationship you should check in with your partner every day. Another person might think it’s perfectly normal to go days without speaking if they already made plans to see their partner at the end of the week. Before you get into a relationship discuss what a relationship means to you. What are the rules that you feel your partner should follow once they become your boyfriend. What changes when you become official Love is a two-way street constantly under construction. My six week course, the artist pick up, is now available with personalize guidance at Playmate Acquire the skills to approach women with confidence and get them to want you


Erica Jordan is a certified Love Coach, NLP practitioner, and leader in the field of digital romance. Try her six week course, The Art Of Pickup! Acquire the skills to approach women with confidence and get them to want you!

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Erika is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, author, media personality, and leader in the field of Digital Romance and Online Dating. She is a Certified Love Coach, Master Sexpert, Loveologist, Relationship Expert, and NLP practitioner. Visit

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