Reddit has launched a new Host Program to attract audio talent for its app and spark conversations across its Reddit Talk. 

The programme invites Reddit Talk hosts to join with conversations between June to September 2022. 

Hosts will need to run at least four talks every 30 days during these months. Anyone who can access Reddit Talk can take part and the rewards aren’t too shabby either. 

Hosts receive promotion of their talks to the relevant audiences in top Reddit feeds and across Reddit socials. 

They also get exclusive Reddit hoodies and mics and access to the Talk community to chat to other hosts and teams. 

Reddit Talk was launched in April 2021 to rival popular audio apps such as Clubhouse and boost engagement. Anyone can listen in no talks via desktop. 

Users can now view Story-like feeds of live chats in progress within the subreddits they follow.

However, while rival Clubhouse initially enjoyed tremendous success, it’s unclear if audio alone is a sustainable format when short-form video seems to be hogging all the attention.

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