While triggers are common in people with bipolar disorder and often intensify during the holidays, it is essential to recognize what triggers you. Personal triggers are what will lead you to a manic or depressive episode.

If you have been through residential care or are working with a therapist, you have probably begun working on trigger identification. Keep up with this and be vigilant, especially this time of year. If you have not spent much time reflecting on the lead-up to mood episodes, it’s time to be more reflective.

One way to identify your triggers is to keep a mood journal. You can do this the old-fashioned way or by using one of many apps designed to track moods. A daily record of sleep, relationships, drinking and diet, exercise, and significant events will show how these factors coincide with how you feel and shift moods.

By identifying the unique situations that trigger your mood changes, you can take better control over your mental illness. This is especially important during the holidays when everything feels more intense.

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