Finding your overnight curl technique starts with choosing your desired look. For those who fancy laidback, beachy waves, Rauchet recommends a classic French braid, aka a three-strand braid. Start the process on damp hair to create a textured look that sticks. Rauchet adds: “If you are someone who has a thicker hair texture or hair that just never seems to dry, the braiding technique with some mousse or serum may be best for you.”

If soft, bouncy curls are more your speed, opt for sponge rollers. Rauchet breaks down the steps for us: First, dampen your hair using a spray bottle. Then, take small to medium sections. Start by wrapping your ends down to the root, all over the head. Lastly, wrap your head in a silk scarf to protect the rollers from shifting and coming loose.

Not super into the plaited, textured look but live for dramatic curls? Make a statement with Farrah Fawcett-style hair when you slip on a silk scarf before bed. Here’s what to do: Twist a long silk scarf and drape it over the top of your head so both ends are even on each side. You can use a claw clip to secure the top so it holds while you sleep. Part your hair down the middle or on the side, depending on personal preference. Then, take a small section from the back of your part line and gently begin to wrap it around the scarf. Continue this down the hairline as you would a French braid. Once you reach the bottom, secure it with a silk hair tie. 

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