Discover Nova Scotia provides prospective students with information on the labour market in the Canadian province, along with employment opportunities and immigration pathway options. It aims to allow students and their families to make informed decisions before leaving their home countries.

“Equipping prospective international students with key information on education, career, and immigration pathways before they arrive in Nova Scotia is vitally important,” said Shawna Garrett, president & CEO of EduNova.

“Not only will students feel more confident in choosing the province as their home away from home, but they will also be able to determine which post-secondary institutions and career paths are the best fit for their future.”

Garrett told The PIE News that although the platform is still in the development stage, EduNova plans to officially launch the project in September 2022.

The resource hub will be available through a new iCent app and will also be accessible to admitted and enrolled international students.

“Students will be able to access general information on studying in Nova Scotia via the landing page and then will be able to download the iCent app for more detailed pre-arrival information,” Garrett added.

According to Peter Ricketts, president & vice-chancellor of Acadia University and chair of EduNova’s board of directors, “studying abroad is often the most consequential decision that international students and their families will make”.

“This program provides prospective international students with information on post-secondary programs, labour market information, and immigration pathways so students can choose the path that best suits their future dreams and goals,” said Ricketts. “[It] also helps deepen Nova Scotia’s post-secondary sector commitment to transparency in supporting international students.”

There are currently around 12,000 international students enrolled in institutions in Nova Scotia.

The platform is inspired by EduNova’s mission to champion Nova Scotia as a leader in the international student experience, in a competitive global arena, while advancing social and economic growth in the province.

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