Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has named company vice president Guy Rosen as the new chief information security officer (CISO), Reuters reported Monday (June 6).

He is the first person to fill the CISO role at Meta.

He said his new role will “continue to oversee and look across the breadth of safety and security risks the people who use our services, our company and industry face.”

In a memo from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he said he’d asked Rosen to take the job, saying Rosen’s job would have accountability for safety and security on platform abuse, along with security of the company’s products, infrastructure and information, “focused on both internal and external risks.”

Zuckerberg said this was more work on elevating the security work and would help “strengthen our leadership and governance on security issues.”

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Meta has been making other changes as of late. It has announced a new kind of ad that won’t use advanced targeting, meaning they’d use less user data. They wouldn’t use “any anonymized personal info,” according to two ad buyers.

Called “Basic Ads,” they’d be aimed at advertisers trying to promote their brand to a bigger crowd.

The new kinds of ads would reportedly be measured on metrics like engagement or video views, which could make for good ad results with less cost for exposure. Metrics would have to account for the exposure to users who wouldn’t be customers.

The Basic Ads are a response to Apple’s ATT update, making it so many Facebook users could opt out of personal data tracking.

Meta previously noted that it would likely see a $10 billion shortfall in ad revenue this year because of it.

The report speculated that the Basic Ads could be cheaper, though the price could be variable based on advertiser interest.



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