It’s the age-old German debate: should a general speed limit be introduced on the autobahn? Well, a recent survey has found that, actually, the majority of Germans would be in favour of introducing a maximum speed limit.

Could a speed limit finally be coming to the German autobahn?

A recent YouGov survey, commissioned by vehicle e-commerce site, has revealed that the majority of Germans are in favour of introducing a maximum speed limit on the autobahn. Accordingly, 69 percent of respondents indicated they would be in favour of a general speed limit of some kind. On the other hand, 24 percent said they were against a speed limit.

When asked what general speed limit should be applied to German motorways, 1 percent of respondents said it should be less than 100kmh. Other proposed speed limits were 100kmh (6 percent), 120kmh (15 percent), 130kmh (26 percent), 140kmh (8 percent) and 160kmh (9 percent). Only 3 percent of respondents wanted to implement a speed limit over 160kmh.

German government under pressure to introduce speed limit

The federal government is coming under increasing pressure to introduce a general speed limit on the autobahn. Just a couple of weeks ago, the environment ministers from Germany’s 16 federal states signed a joint resolution calling for a speed limit to be imposed on drivers on the autobahn. However, they did not suggest what the maximum speed should be. The ministers argued that the move would help protect the environment and reduce noise and air pollution.

Calls for a general speed limit have also intensified due to the ongoing gas crisis. Supporters argue that implementing a speed limit would not only help to reduce fuel consumption, but it would also help reduce Germany’s reliance on Russian gas.

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