A new study by MyVision has shed light on just how quickly single Americans say “yes” or “no” to falling in love at first swipe. More than 77% admit to swiping left after only looking at the first photo more than half of the time. 

Some of the results of the survey are below:

  • More than half (55%) refuse to look at the rest of a person’s profile if they’re not attracted to the first photo
  • 74% have encountered fake profiles on dating apps, 67% encountered people lying on their profiles
  • 1 in 4 say they’ve been catfished
  • 82% have been ghosted on a dating app, 18% have been stood up for a date
  • Top 3 profile picture turnoffs: overly-edited pictures, group photos, photos cropping out exes

MyVision said: “If impressions matter so much to swipers, how honest are singles when it comes to their own profiles? The study found roughly 1 in 10 admit their profile pictures don’t accurately represent how they currently look, and 45% admit to keeping photos older than 18 months on their profile.”

Whilst a proportion of the survey was positive, there was also some negativity surrounding online dating too. The survey found that whilst 50% of users describe their experience of using dating apps as positive, the remaining 50% found it to be a negative experience. 30% felt unsafe in meeting someone in person that they met through an app, and 74% have encountered fake profiles. Similarly, 67% of people have encountered others lying about themselves on the app to appear more desirable. 24% have also been catfished, 18% have experience harassment or bullying on dating apps, and 40% have received unwanted sexually explicit images.

Read the full survey here.

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