Driving a truck can be a long haul – both literally and figuratively. The demands of the industry mean that American truckers work an average of 60 hours per week and cover over 100,000 miles of road per year!

To meet their tight deadlines, truckers often find themselves behind the wheel at or above the hours-of-service limits, pushing their bodies and minds beyond practical limits. In one study, an astonishing 37% of respondents said they exceeded their limitations and drove exhausted on regular occasions.

A major driver of safety non-compliance in the trucking industry relates to scheduling. 73% of drivers interviewed by NIOSH reported that they perceived their deadlines as being “unrealistically tight,” pushing drivers to work through dangerous levels of fatigue, under-report injuries, and tolerate unsafe road conditions. Priorities in the trucking industry put speed ahead of safety, and it’s the drivers who put their life on the line.

The industry is demanding and probably…

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