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Penis Implant

How long does a penis implant surgery typically take?

A penis implant surgery typically takes about 1 to 2 hours. The specific duration of the surgery will depend on the type of implant that is being used.

Here are the different types of penile implants:

  • Inflatable implants: These implants are made up of two cylinders that are inserted into the penis. The cylinders are connected to a pump that is placed in the scrotum. When the pump is squeezed, the cylinders fill with fluid, which makes the penis erect.
  • Semi-rigid implants: These implants are made of silicone rods that are inserted into the penis. The rods can be bent into different positions, which allows for some degree of flexibility.
  • Rigid implants: These implants are made of silicone rods that are permanently inserted into the penis. The rods cannot be bent, so the penis is always erect.

The type of implant that is best for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Your doctor will discuss the different options with you and help you choose the right one.

After the surgery, you will need to stay in the hospital for a few hours. You will also need to wear a compression garment for a few days to help reduce swelling. You should be able to go home the same day as the surgery.

You will need to take it easy for a few weeks after the surgery. You should avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting. You should also avoid sexual activity until your doctor gives you the green light.

The recovery period for penis implant surgery is usually relatively short. Most men are able to return to their normal activities within a few weeks.

The duration of a penis implant surgery, also known as penile prosthesis surgery, can vary depending on several factors, including the type of implant being used, the surgeon’s experience, and the complexity of the individual case. Generally, the surgery can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, although it might be shorter or longer based on the specific circumstances.

Here’s a general overview of the steps involved in the surgery:

  1. Preparation: Before the surgery, you will be prepped for anesthesia. The type of anesthesia used can influence the overall duration of the surgery.
  2. Incision: The surgeon will make an incision in the penis to create a space for the implant components. The length and location of the incision can vary based on the type of implant.
  3. Implant Placement: The implant components (cylinders, reservoir, pump) will be inserted into the designated spaces within the penis. The positioning of the components will depend on whether the implant is inflatable or malleable.
  4. Closure: Once the components are in place, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures or staples.
  5. Dressing and Bandaging: The surgical area will be dressed and bandaged to aid in healing and prevent infection.
  6. Recovery and Monitoring: After the surgery, you will be monitored in a recovery area as the effects of anesthesia wear off. This period is typically several hours.

Keep in mind that the exact timeline can vary, and your surgeon will provide you with information specific to your case. After the surgery, you’ll receive instructions on how to care for the surgical site, manage post-operative discomfort, and when to follow up with your healthcare provider.

Before undergoing penile implant surgery, it’s important to have a thorough discussion with your healthcare provider about what to expect during and after the procedure, including the expected duration of surgery. They will provide you with personalized information based on your individual situation and help you feel well-prepared for the surgery and recovery process.

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