We all want to be successful in our careers. Unfortunately, most of us usually focus on improving our skills and knowledge and focus less on our health and fitness. But what most people forget is that their skills and knowledge cannot be useful if they are not in their best health. Good health and fitness go hand in hand with career success. In fact, the most successful people in the workplace are those who take care of their fitness and health. Embracing a healthy lifestyle has been proven to help boost productivity, reduce burn out and contribute to career success. Below, we will discuss how can good fitness and health improve your career success.

  • It increases your productivity

Regardless of how knowledgeable or skilled you are, you cannot be productive at work if your health and fitness are not in good shape. Studies have shown that good fitness helps to stimulate the development of mitochondria, which in turn gives you more energy. It also increases energy in your brain thus boosting your mental output and productivity.

Studies have also shown that individuals who are mentally and physically active usually perform better at work than those who are not. When you are in good physical and mental health, your body performance will be at its best. This means that you will be able to think more clearly and come up with creative ideas that will help you thrive in your career.

Additionally, good health and fitness also increase your flexibility and resilience, meaning you will be able to do more at work. Increased productivity, means more output and more output means more success in your career. So, if you want to increase your productivity at work, then you need to ensure that you have good health and fitness.

  • They help to improve your cognitive function

Research suggests that cognitive function plays a big role in influencing job performance and career success. Improving your cognitive function will help your brain to process data quicker and more efficiently. You will also be able to remember team goals and put more attention when interacting with your colleagues.

Good health and fitness will help to improve your cognitive function. Recent research revealed that parts of the brain that controls memory and thinking are more developed in people who are in good health and exercise a lot. Working out for just 150 minutes each week can help to improve your mental focus and concentration significantly. Good health and fitness will also help you make informed decisions, which is crucial for success at work.

  • They help to prevent you from falling sick

If you don’t take good care of your health, then your rate of absenteeism at work will be high because of getting ill often. Research has shown that people who are working while they are sick are on the rise. More and more people are turning up to work when they are sick and that is hurting both the worker and the employer. Remember that regardless of how talented you are as an employee, you will not be useful to the company if you are stuck in your bed because of sickness. Statistics show that companies in the US lose up to $700 billion per year because of poor employee health.

One of the best ways to ensure that you don’t miss work because of sickness is by taking good care of your health. This means that you have to eat healthy foods that are nutritious and exercise regularly to enhance your body strength. Good health and fitness help to reduce the risk of developing certain diseases. They strengthen your immune system thus making it much easier for your body to fight illnesses. Good health and fitness also reduce the risk of suffering from life-threatening diseases that could lower your quality of life and productivity at work such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

  • They help to lower your stress level

Another benefit of good health and fitness is that it helps to lower your stress level at the workplace. Stress is an enemy of success at work. If you are stressed, then your productivity will reduce and that will reduce the chance of being successful at work. Studies have shown that fitness and good health help to reduce depression and anxiety by enhancing your moods. If you exercise regularly, your brain releases more oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) which, in turn, helps to enhance your mood. So the more exercise and maintaining good health, the happier you will be at work.

Good health and fitness also help to improve your concentration and focus at work. They also make you more resilient, meaning you will be able to deal with any stressful situation at work better. Research suggests that people who are not happy with their health are more likely to get stressed at work. When you take good care of your health by eating healthy meals, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly, you will be less likely to be stressed because you are comfortable and happy with your body.

  • They improve your creativity

The difference between being stagnant and moving up the ladder in your career is your creativity. Employees who are successful are those who are able to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to problems facing the company. Creative people always see potential instead of problems and are able to come up with brilliant ideas that propel the company to success. That is why they are very successful in their career.

Studies have linked creativity at the workplace with good health and fitness. People who are in good health and physically fit have a higher level of creativity compared to those who are not. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being physically fit helps to improve your thinking skills. It also motivates you to think critically and come up with creative ideas. So, the more you keep fit and maintain good health, the more creative and successful you will be at the workplace.

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