Two McDonald’s employees in Glasgow’s south side have been flooded with praise for helping to save a customer’s life.

Erin and Sam, who work at McDonald’s on Pollokshaws Road raised the alarm when they spotted a woman struggling to breathe outside the fast food chain on Tuesday night (May 24).

Thanks to the staff’s quick thinking, they were able to assist the woman when they noticed she required medical help.

Local McDonald’s franchisee Andy Gibson told Glasgow Live: “ I am very proud of my team who acted so quickly and helped to provide assistance.”

In a message posted on Facebook, George Lawie explained what had happened.

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The post read: “Would like to give McDonald’s on Pollokshaws Road a massive shout out tonight and praise a couple of their staff.

“There was a woman who ended up needing life saving CPR at the entrance to their building. A nurse also appeared on the scene before the ambulance arrived to help save the woman but if it wasn’t for the staff noticing the woman acting out of character and acting fast then it would’ve been a different story.

“If you end up reading this Sam and Erin (think that’s their names) then massive pat on the back. You both did amazing.”

The story has caused a social media storm, and hundreds of Glaswegians have praised Erin and Sam for helping to save the customer’s life.

Responding to the post, Karyn McAllister said: “Very proud of my daughter Erin Mcallister Walker one of the McDonald’s workers who helped last night. Hope this lady is going to be okay.”

Rona Proudfoot wrote: “You must be hugely proud. What a frightening experience for your daughter. She sounds like a brilliant person. Well done.”

Staff member Erin also replied to the post: “Thank you for your help also! Happy that she’s in safe hands now.”

Murray Maxine commended the employees, saying: “That sounds so frightening for everyone concerned. Hope the lady recovers and the brave staff members receive support after witnessing something so traumatic.”

Craig Mitchell suggested: “I believe CPR and First Aid should be taught in schools again and not as optional extra. The only thing that can’t be taught is human compassion and bravery which these guys had by the bucketload!”

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