Ask 14-year-olds in the United States whether their neighbors to the North are autocrats.

According to a recent educational report card, one in three of them will tell you that Canada may be strong, but it is not free. Canada’s not the only country whose government is wrongly viewed in those negative terms.

One-third of American eighth-graders think democratic countries like France and Australia are also some sort of dictatorship, according to recent results from the US National Assessment of Education Progress’ 2014 exam.

Here’s the multiple-choice question from the civics portion of the exam:

What do the current governments of Canada, France, and Australia have in common?

A. They are controlled by the military.

B. They have constitutions that limit their power.

C. They have leaders with absolute power.

D. They discourage participation by citizens in public affairs.

A majority of the 29,000 tested — 54 percent — responded correctly that all have “constitutions that limit their power.”

But another 23 percent went with C. Those eighth-graders seemed to think that those countries’ leaders “have absolute power,” while 10 percent responded that “they are controlled by the military.” Additionally, 12 percent incorrectly responded that all three countries discourage citizen participation in public affairs.

“I think there’s a broader problem and that is that Americans know very little about Canada,” Ball State University professor Kenneth Holland told Canada’s National Post.

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