Ayurveda acharyas have analyzed the male sexual health conditions keenly and have also found the causes for these. Claibya or sexual dysfunction is classified into 4 types. Ayurveda quotes reasons for claibya or erectile dysfunction as due to advanced age, undernourishment, trauma to reproductive tissues, and reduced shukra dhatu.

In this article, the types of ED and their causes are discussed in detail,  based on principles of ayurveda.

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Jaraja Claibya – ED due to Old

Kshayaja Klaibya – Erectile dysfunction due to undernourishment.

Dhvajabhangaja klaibya – Impotence due to tissue injury.

Bijopaghataja Claibya

Jaraja Claibya – Ayurvedic definition of ED due to Old age

Acharya charaka has given a detailed answer to the question What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Older Males?

As age advances the male hormone testosterone levels dip. A low level of testosterone hormone causes metabolic disturbances leading to obesity, depression, loss of sensitivity of nerves (especially in the male genital organ), atrophy of penile muscles, shrinkage of testicles, low energy level, loss of stamina and concentration. The metabolic disturbances so caused due to low testosterone leads to type 2 diabetes, increased blood cholesterol level, and heart and vascular diseases. All these factors lead to loss of male libido and erectile dysfunction.

Kshayaja Klaibya – Erectile dysfunction due to undernourishment

Texts of Ayurveda describe the fourth type of impotence called “kshayaja klaibya”. The reduction in quality and quantity of semen is the reason for this type of erectile dysfunction. The following factors harm semen quality and quantity.

  • Worrying continuously about everything.
  • Repeated experience of grief.
  • Uncontrolled anger, stress and anxiety.
  • Fear of facing problems.
  • Addiction to alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.
  • Consumption of unhealthy and non-nourishing foods.
  • Repeated fasting when the body is undernourished.

The above-mentioned factors reduce the quantity and quality of rasa dhathu.

Rasa dhathu is the first dhatu that is formed when food is digested. Rasa dhatu is full of nutrients and the successive dhatus like

  1. Rakta (Rakta Dhatu ( Blood ) In Ayurveda ),
  2. Mamsa (Ayurveda definition of Mamsa Dhatu ( Muscle tissue ) ),
  3. Medha ( Ayurveda Medha Dhatu or Body Fat ),
  4. Asthi ( Ayurveda Definition of Asthi Dhatu ( Bones or Skeletal system ) ),
  5. Majja (Ayurveda definition of Majja Dhatu ( Bone marrow ) ) and
  6. Shukra

get nutrients from rasa dhathu. Shukra dhatu is the last tissue to get nourished. When the quality of rasa dhatu is poor the nourishment that reaches shukra dhatu will also be poor. Thus the quantity and quality of shukra dhatu reduce, leading to claibya or Erectile Dysfunction.

This type of erectile dysfunction occurs when a person suffers from chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity, tuberculosis, etc. These are elaborated below

Improper Diet with fewer nutrients

Acidic Foods:

Increased consumption of foods that are of amla rasa or sour taste, saline or lavana Rasa, and viruddha ahara or foods that are opposite in nature disturb the natural balance of doshas. Intake of deep-fried foods and fast foods which increase acidity also imbalance the body functions.

These foods create an acidic environment in the body. When a body’s internal environment is acidic, it creates a convenient atmosphere for viruses and bacteria. These microorganisms enter the body and begin to flourish. This process lowers the body’s immunity, reduces body energy level, causes tiredness, frequent illness, etc. Thus lowered body energy weakens the muscles of the male genital organ causing erectile dysfunction

Irregular consumption of food:

When food is not taken timely, it causes indigestion. According to the principles of Ayurveda indigestion causes the accumulation of the metabolic toxin “ama”. This sticky toxin blocks the movement of vital forces and imbalances the transmission of nerve signals. This leads to sexual dysfunction in men.

Foods that are heavy to digest:

Frequent consumption of heavy meal which causes indigestion and accumulation of body fat lead to obesity. This condition also causes the accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels. It is a known fact that increased cholesterol is the culprit behind erectile dysfunction. Apart from this obesity can also pave way for diabetes. Diabetes and erectile dysfunction go hand in hand, as diabetes damages nerve endings and affects blood supply.

Overexertion physically and mentally:

Mental and physical exertion use up the complete energy of the body. If the body is not allowed to rest and relax, it leads to erectile dysfunction

Mental stress at home and working place:

A good erection requires a sequence of events that involves the body and mind. When the mind is stressed for a long time body releases stress hormones which inhibit the process of erection.

Working for long hours and insufficient sleep. :

Lack of sleep causes over-exhaustion of body tissues. Over exhaustion lead to stress and stress-related erectile dysfunction

Strained relationship with a sexual partner.:

A good relationship with a partner is very essential to stimulate the mind and prepare the mind for sexual acts. Ayurveda acharyas praise women as the best aphrodisiac. A strained relationship with a partner can cause erectile dysfunction.

Short temper:

A short temperament continuously disturbs the mind and causes stress.

A past history of sexual abuse.:

Sexual abuses leave a scar in the mind which blocks the mind towards sexual acts and feelings causing erectile dysfunction.


Diabetes affects the distal nerve endings of the skin. The damaged nerve endings fail to pass signals from the skin to the brain. when nerves on the skin of the penis are affected the brain fails to transfer the sensation of touch thus causing ED

Diseases related to the cardiovascular system.:

Diseases related to a cardiovascular system like atherosclerosis cause the insufficient blood supply to the genital organ. Reduced blood supply hampers the quality of hardness leading to erectile dysfunction

Neurological diseases,

hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, anemia, depression, arthritis, and endocrine disorders. are other health conditions in which men fail to attain sufficient erection.

A good nutritious diet helps to overcome this condition. Ayurveda acharyas recommend many herbal remedies and treatments for erectile dysfunction of this type. The Ayurveda diet for this type of erectile dysfunction is very helpful to overcome this condition.

Using antidepressants,

Tranquilizers and antihypertensive medicines for a long time can also cause impotence

Tobacco and Smoking :

Addiction to tobacco especially smoking quickens the deposition of cholesterol in arteries. Thus arteries in the male genital organ get blocked and the quantity of blood flow to penile spongy tissues reduces. Thus improper erection surfaces.

Excessive consumption of alcohol. :

Increased intake of alcohol damages the liver, brain, and nervous system. It also makes a person develop anxiety and leading to failure in performance.

Addiction to cocaine, heroin, and marijuana:

The addiction to these drugs creates depression and suppression of the nervous system and urges.

Obesity :

Obesity leads to the accumulation of cholesterol in arteries and reduces the level of male hormone.

Dhvajabhangaja klaibya – Impotence due to tissue injury.

When tissues of the male reproductive system undergo degeneration or experience trauma, men experience “dhvajabhangaja Klaibya”. Numerous causes like chronic diseases, hunger, trauma to penile tissues, etc can cause this type of erectile dysfunction in young men.

According to the texts of Ayurveda, injury to the male genital organ can cause erectile dysfunction. This injury may be due to trauma, infections, chronic diseases, or an imbalance of tridosha. Thus when there is a failure to achieve a proper supply of blood to the male organ system, erectile dysfunction sets in. This type of sexual dysfunction is known as Dhwajabhanga claibya in Ayurveda. The reasons for this type of erectile dysfunction are explained in the texts of Ayurveda as follows.

Chronic diseases:

Diseases like tuberculosis which cause emaciation can also damage male sexual function. In chronic diseases, the tissues of the body and male reproductive system are damaged due to undernourishment. This damage imbalance men’s health.

Trauma during intercourse:

During intercourse, the male genital organs can suffer injuries. Improper lubrication, scratches, bites, etc can damage tissues.

Apart from these unhygienic practices, having a sexual relationship with a diseased partner, trauma to the genital area in accidents, etc can also cause the above-mentioned type of erectile dysfunction.

Trauma to the pelvic region.

Accidents, surgery, etc may damage nerves spread in the pelvic region. The damaged nerves block signals from the brain to the genital organ. This causes loss of erection.

Prolonged bicycle riding :

Can cause damage to testes and production of testosterone

Bijopaghataja Claibya

This type of impotence is caused due to reduction in the quality of semen. When the male reproductive system is deprived of essential nutrients the quality of semen or Shukra suffers.

According to Ayurveda acharya Charaka, when the quantity and quality of semen reduce, erectile dysfunction sets in. The reasons for the reduction in semen that causes erectile dysfunction in men are as follows.

  1. Consumption of the following types of foods can cause in the reduction of semen.
  • Foods that are sticky or paste-like,
  • Very little quantity of food.
  • Polluted or spoilt.
  • Opposite foods
  • Refrigerated foods.
  1. Eating repeatedly without giving room for digestion of previous meals can be detrimental to health. This type of eating habit paves way for indigestion. Indigestion results in the production and accumulation of ama, the body toxin. Accumulation of such toxins harms normal body function. Normal production of semen suffers the brunt of the accumulation of toxins.
  2. Psychological disturbances like grief, depression, stress, anxiety, fear, and terror can disturb a healthy body. Psychological disturbances affect the body to a great extent causing stress. Stress releases cortisol hormones which cause degeneration of body tissues and the male reproductive system is not an exception for this.
  3. Uncontrolled sexual activities like repeated intercourse and masturbation can cause a reduction in the quantity of semen.
  4. Reduced nutrition in diet can cause a decline in the quality of semen. Malnourishment leads to the diminution of rasa dhatu which supplies nutrients to tissues.
  5. An unhealthy diet and lifestyle lead to an imbalance of doshas. This in turn leads to dosha vitiation. Dosha vitiation affects the normal production of semen
  6. Fasting for long durations or starvation is another cause of low semen quality. Due to Fasting or starvation nutrition level in rasa dhatu nose dives, affecting the quality and quantity of semen.
  7. Disliking a sexual partner can influence shukra dhatu.
  8. Wrongly administered panchakarma therapy can also cause a reduction of semen. This also harms the quality of beeja or sperms.

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