Catching a cheating partner is one of the most distressing situations anyone can face. While what counts as “cheating” may vary from couple to couple, one thing is certain; catching your spouse being disloyal can spell trouble to your sex life as well.

While it may be difficult for some people to see their partner committing the act of infidelity, there are small signs that one could look out for in order to prevent further strain in their relationship.

But above all this, a partner who cheats doesn’t automatically mean that you should call it quits right then and there. Rising above an affair is something people who are committed to each other can do, with the right management of insight, empathy, and boundary-setting.

It’s not easy, but it’s possible if you’re willing to try.

Here are five signs of cheating that you should be aware of.

1. They Start Losing Interest

More often than not, a lack of interest in intimacy is one of the signs that a secret affair is brewing.

Most people who are in monogamous relationships would expect their partners to show at least some interest in them. Or at the very least, put in some effort into making them feel loved.

A study published in the American Psychological Association has discovered that infidelity is prevalent in 20-25% of all marriages. The rate at which men and women cheat is also approximately the same.

When this lack of interest starts becoming consistent, it can signal infidelity and a desire to meet other women.

Your partner may already have someone catch her or his attention. This may signal that the spark is starting to fade and that they’re considering looking for another partner to provide them with their fulfillment.

2. They Have Bouts of Sexual Dysfunction

partner cheating cause sexual erectile dysfunction

As time passes, you may suddenly find your partner losing interest in your sexual advances.

While cheating may be one of the largest concerns for this development, a loss of libido is also one of the leading causes of disinterest in sex.

In most cases, a lower sex drive may just be a consequence of aging and a decrease in testosterone levels.

It’s typical for a man’s peak testosterone levels to drop by around 1% every year after the age of 30. Studies also show that 40% of men over the age of 40 are likely to have at least a mild form of erectile dysfunction or impotence, which can decrease their interest in sexual intercourse.

If your partner is avoiding sex and intimacy with you, it’s prudent to consider that it may be a physical health concern rather than an emotional one.

Urge them to contact a sex health specialist. A medical specialist can help you diagnose forms of sexual dysfunction like low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation.

This way, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that there’s still trust in the relationship, allowing you to go through these problems in sexual performance together.

3. They Masturbate Without Telling You

The act of masturbating to porn and other women can be a sign that your partner is seeking other women to fulfill a sexual fantasy.

While the act itself is a perfectly healthy sexual activity (with 95% of men claiming to have done it at one point), catching them continuously in the act, even if you asked them to stop, is a sign that they aren’t willing to go the extra mile for you.

On top of that, chronic addiction to masturbating can lead to:

  • Lower sexual satisfaction
  • Worse quality of life
  • Guilt and shame
  • Using it as a coping mechanism

If you or your partner suspect that a masturbation problem is causing a strain in the relationship, request for professional medical advice from a doctor, counselor, or sex therapist.

4. They Are (or Feel) Neglected

When your lover doesn’t get enough love and attention, it may prompt them to look for another partner to fulfill their needs. They may move on to the next relationship while still being with you, which can be traumatic for the lover who remained committed.

According to a recent study led by Dylan Selterman, a lack of love is one of the most prevalent reasons why 77% of participants cheat.

If you want to avoid your spouse cheating on you, it’s important to keep them interested and committed to the relationship. You shouldn’t force them to stay if they truly don’t want to, but here are some ways you can regain their interest:

  1. Compliment them regularly
  2. Leverage their love language
  3. Go on weekly dates with them
  4. Openly communicate with them

5. They Don’t Like Sex with You Anymore

partner doesn't like sex anymore signs cheating

If you and your partner don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to sex frequency, this can lead to negative consequences in your relationship down the line.

Your spouse might fantasize about someone else, and if they’re not having sex with you as much as they’d like, it may gradually wear on them until their infatuation turns into an affair.

It’s also worth considering the emotional aspects of your sex life. When you restrict your partner from their sexual needs, they may slowly turn into a cheating spouse. An affair can be sparked by their sexual desire, causing them to enter phone calls with other women.

According to the recent study led by Dylan Selterman referenced above, 34% of respondents said their lack of physical intimacy drove them to find an affair partner. The person who cheated may not have been satisfied with how the passion of a relationship has run dry, causing them to look for other ways to satiate their sexual needs.

Final Word

Discovering your partner’s affair, whether through text messages or searching through their browser history, can be difficult and traumatic. More often than not, the primary cause of this infidelity is due to unmet needs in a relationship.

Contrary to what some say, cheating can be forgiven should you choose to. With love and a willingness to find common ground, as well as the aid of professional help, there’s still room for love in your relationship.

If you or your partner are struggling with sexual dysfunction issues such as  having issues with erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE), this may be related to extramarital affairs, or could be due to other underlying health causes.

To determine the root causes of dysfunction, call the team at Priority Men’s Medical Center in Atlanta now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with an experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are a leading men’s clinic providing ED therapy, PE therapy, Acoustic Wave therapy, hormone therapy, and much more.

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