Casaubon’s mind was more alert, and he seemed to anticipate what was coming after a very slight verbal indication, saying, “That will do–mark that”–or “Pass on to the next head–I omit the second excursus on Crete.” Dorothea was amazed to think of the bird-like speed with which his mind was surveying the ground where it had been creeping for years.
Deane, when he expected to take his wine alone, would tell Tom to step in and sit with him an hour, and would pass that hour in much lecturing and catechising concerning articles of export and import, with an occasional excursus of more indirect utility on the relative advantages to the merchants of St.
It’s not every verbal stunt pilot that can bring a mid-novel excursus about the differences between Webster’s Second and Third editions to a safe landing.
But now old Schmidt readjusted some inner machinery, cleared his throat and began a meandering excursus on the poor quality of Youth Today, with animadversions on the importance of respect for authority as the foundation of a democratic society.
Rather, I alert readers to their new excursus into literature.
This, his first book, is a combination of political pamphlet, theoretical excursus, and empirical analysis that established a foundation for the ideology of the Zionist Socialist Workers’ Party.
He also makes use of the excursus: detailed examples are contained in a big text box (sometimes lasting pages), easily visible so that one can either read it or carry on with the main body of the book.
Junto a estas cuestiones, el autor introduce varios excursus como, por ejemplo, el de la absoluta distincion entre el Creador y la creacion.
Torrance’s reinterpretation of divine monarchy and his suggestion that the Spirit proceeds from the Trinity as a whole (35); Theodorus Alexopoulos’s excursus into the late Byzantine theology of Nikephoros Blemmydes and Gregory of Cyprus retrieves their notion of the Spirit’s eternal manifestation through the Son (82-83); and finally, Thomas Weinandy argues that the Spirit plays a part in the generation of the Son (196-97).
Opening of Robert Irwin “Excursus: Homage to the Square”

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