As you can see, this is a huge problem, and with no regulations at all for the dating industry, the problem is only going to get worse.

How Can Dating Apps Become Safer?

We believe that dating companies have a responsibility to their customers. As a very bare minimum, all dating companies should carry out real-time, biometric ID checks (like we do) before allowing access to their app. This would eliminate anonymity, fake profiles and catfish very easily! And it means that anyone who does go on to offend can be traced and brought to justice. Sounds pretty simply right? It is!

Background Checks for Dating Apps

In addition to ID checks, background checks add a much bigger layer of security. In the Dating’s Dangerous Secrets documentary, the National Crime Agency say that basic background checks (such as a basic DBS check) are not enough as they only show the tiny minority that have been convicted in the UK. WE COMPLETELY AGREE!

That’s why we work with an intelligence agency to carry out thorough global criminal background checks which cover convictions, cautions and police information. We take customer safety very seriously and are proud to say that we provide the safest dating platform in the world.

In the documentary, you will hear about Katherine from Wales who was tragically stabbed to death by a criminal she met on Plenty of Fish. Katherine’s story is one of many online dating murders which is truly heartbreaking. The truth is, that if the dating apps carried out ID checks and background checks to eliminate fake profiles and criminals, these victims would never have met their attackers and would probably still be alive today.

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