Occupation: Customer Experience Manager
Industry: Information Technology
Age: 34
Location: North Florida
My Salary: $150,000
My Husband’s Salary: $220,000
Net Worth: $250,200 (checking: $3,400, joint savings: $217,000, short-term savings $1,800, long-term savings: $13,000, 401(k)s: $15,000. My husband and I keep our daily spending separate, but our savings are joint. We share credit cards, but generally split things 50/50 other than eating out, which he pays for most of the time since I do all the shopping and cooking.)
Debt: $0
My Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $4,600
My Husband’s Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $5,511
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,795 for my half, $3,590 total. I live with my husband and our two cats and two dogs. We currently rent a four-bedroom house while we wait for our new house to be built.
Car: $1,070 ($535 for my half — we share a car since we both work from home)
Electric/Water/Gas: $350 (split with husband)
TV/Internet: $160 (split with husband)
Water Delivery: $50 (split with husband, we have hard water so this is a MUST)
Lawn Service: $40 (split with husband)
Gym: $32
Short-Term Savings: $780
Long-Term Savings: $1,200-$2,000
Apple Storage: $.99
Google Storage: $2.12
Disney+: $8.63
Starz: $5.40
Massage Subscription: $70
Cell Phone: My parents pay — it’s one of those things no one thinks about since my dad’s company pays for all of our phones.

Annual Expenses
Amazon: $128 (split with husband)

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