NEW YORK, US: The CleanImplant Foundation, based in Berlin in Germany, has announced that it opened an office in New York City at the beginning of September. Dr Kenneth Serota will act as the foundation’s representative and will be responsible for bringing the foundation’s information campaign to the dental profession and industry in order to ensure the highest standard and duty of care.

“We are very pleased that Dr Serota, as a dedicated ambassador of our initiative, will bring awareness of the problem of preventable, manufacture-created contamination of medical devices to the North American dental community. Together with Dr Serota, the foundation will be able to reach more of our colleagues, as well as implant manufacturers and distributors to foster understanding of the importance of a residue-free implant surface as an indispensable quality criterion,” said Dr Dirk Duddeck, managing director and head of research at CleanImplant.

Dr Serota will represent the CleanImplant Foundation at trade shows, conferences and congresses. As a speaker, he will not only inform colleagues about the CleanImplant Foundation’s study results, their clinical relevance and the legal implications of using substandard implants but will also be the contact for North American implant manufacturers who are involved in CleanImplant quality assessment studies.

Dr Serota is firmly convinced of the CleanImplant Foundation’s mission and the unimpeachable scientific standards of its studies. He commented: “Throughout my career, I have been fascinated by how the synergy of clinical skills, research studies, and ethical standards can ensure that patient-centric care is guided by the highest scientific canons of quality control. It is my great pleasure to bring the CleanImplant Foundation as a partner in science to the profession and the industry in the United States and Canada.”

Dr Serota received his DDS from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in 1973 and also an award for excellence in prosthodontics. In 1981, he received his certification in endodontics and an MMSc degree on the radionuclide diagnosis of dental pathology from the Harvard-Forsyth Dental Center in Boston in Massachusetts in the US, under the auspices of Dr Marjorie Kaplan Jeffcoat. Recognising the power of online education, he founded the ROOTS global discussion forum for endodontics in 2000 and the interdisciplinary BeiDE-NEXUS Facebook forum in 2015. His credo is “share knowledge, and care about those with whom it is shared”.

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