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Can phimosis surgery be performed for individuals with a history of sexually transmitted infections?

Phimosis surgery, such as circumcision or preputioplasty, can be performed for individuals with a history of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as long as the surgery is medically indicated to address the tightness of the foreskin and improve genital health. However, it’s important to note that having a history of STIs does not typically preclude an individual from undergoing phimosis surgery if it is deemed necessary for their medical condition.

Here are some important considerations:

  1. Medical Evaluation: A healthcare provider will assess the individual’s specific medical condition, including the history of STIs, to determine if phimosis surgery is medically indicated. The presence of an STI may impact the timing of the surgery, but it does not necessarily rule it out.
  2. Infection Control: If an individual has a current STI at the time of surgery, the healthcare provider may recommend delaying the procedure until the infection is effectively treated and resolved. This is to reduce the risk of surgical complications and ensure a smooth recovery.
  3. Safe Sexual Practices: After phimosis surgery, individuals should continue to practice safe sex to reduce the risk of STIs and maintain overall genital health. Safe sexual practices include using barrier methods, such as condoms, and getting regular STI screenings as recommended by healthcare providers.
  4. Communication: Open and honest communication with healthcare providers about one’s medical history, including a history of STIs, is essential for providing appropriate care and making informed decisions about surgery.

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