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Penuma Surgery

Can phimosis surgery affect the appearance of the penis?

Phimosis surgery, particularly circumcision, can affect the appearance of the penis. The extent of this impact depends on the specific surgical technique used and individual factors. Here are some considerations regarding how phimosis surgery can influence the appearance of the penis:

  1. Circumcision: Circumcision involves the surgical removal of the foreskin, leaving the glans (head of the penis) permanently exposed. As a result, the appearance of the penis after circumcision typically includes the following changes:
    • Exposed Glans: The glans, which was previously covered by the foreskin, becomes permanently exposed. This can alter the visual appearance of the penis, with the glans being more prominent.
    • Scar: Circumcision often leaves a scar where the foreskin was removed. The appearance of the scar can vary among individuals but is usually located near the base of the glans.
    • Lack of Foreskin: The foreskin, which contributes to the overall appearance of the penis, is no longer present.
  2. Preputioplasty: Preputioplasty is a less invasive surgical procedure that involves making small incisions in the tight portion of the foreskin to allow it to be stretched or expanded. Unlike circumcision, preputioplasty preserves the majority of the foreskin. While this procedure retains more of the natural appearance of the penis, there may still be minor changes in the appearance due to the incisions made during surgery.

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