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Can penile curvature correction affect the size of the penis?

Penile curvature correction procedures are primarily focused on addressing the curvature of the penis and improving sexual function. However, the effect on penile size can vary depending on the specific procedure performed and individual factors. Here are some considerations:

  1. Preservation of Length: In most cases, penile curvature correction procedures aim to preserve the existing length of the penis. Surgeons work to straighten the penis without significantly altering its length.
  2. Potential for Length Gain: In some cases, procedures that involve grafting or the use of implants may result in a slight gain in penile length. This is not a primary goal of these surgeries but can be a side effect.
  3. Temporary Changes: Post-surgery swelling and bruising can make the penis appear shorter temporarily. As the healing process progresses, the penis should return to its normal length.
  4. Individual Variation: The impact on penile size can vary from person to person, and it’s essential to discuss this with your surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. Surgeons aim to achieve the best possible cosmetic and functional outcome while minimizing any potential changes in size.

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