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Can penile circumcision lead to complications with urination?

Penile circumcision, when performed by a skilled medical professional, generally does not lead to significant complications with urination. However, as with any surgical procedure, there is a potential for complications. Here are some points to consider regarding urination after circumcision:

1. Temporary Discomfort:

  • It’s normal to experience some discomfort or mild pain while urinating in the immediate postoperative period. This discomfort is usually due to the surgical site healing and sensitivity around the incision area.

2. Swelling and Healing:

  • Swelling around the surgical site is common after circumcision. In some cases, swelling might temporarily affect the urinary stream, causing slight changes in the direction or force of urine flow. This is usually temporary and improves as swelling subsides.

3. Scarring and Stream:

  • The presence of scar tissue at the circumcision site might slightly alter the appearance of the penis and the direction of the urinary stream. However, these effects are generally minor and do not significantly impact urination.

4. Meatal Stenosis:

  • Meatal stenosis is a potential complication that can occur after circumcision, particularly in children. It involves the narrowing of the urethral opening (meatus). This condition could potentially lead to difficulties with urination, such as a weaker or narrower stream.
  • Meatal stenosis can be addressed with medical intervention if necessary.

5. Hygiene and Healing:

  • Maintaining proper hygiene and following postoperative care instructions are important for preventing complications that might affect urination. Ensuring the surgical site is kept clean and avoiding any factors that could introduce infection are key.

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