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Penis Implant

Can a penis implant affect the sensitivity of the penis?

A penis implant (penile prosthesis) itself is not likely to significantly affect the sensitivity of the penis. The primary purpose of a penile implant is to provide functional erections for sexual activity in individuals who have erectile dysfunction. The implant is designed to allow the individual to achieve and maintain an erection when desired.

However, it’s important to consider a few points related to sensitivity:

1. Sensation During Erection: The implant does not typically interfere with sensation during an erection. The penis remains responsive to tactile and sexual stimulation, and the sensations associated with sexual activity should still be present.

2. Malleable Implants: Malleable implants, which are semi-rigid rods, may result in a slightly different sensation compared to an uninflated, flaccid penis. However, sensation during sexual activity should still be preserved.

3. Inflatable Implants: Inflatable implants involve the use of fluid-filled cylinders to achieve an erection. Some individuals may notice a subtle difference in sensation when the implant is inflated, but this should not significantly impact the overall experience of sexual activity.

4. Psychological Factors: Sensitivity can also be influenced by psychological factors, such as emotional connection, arousal, and communication with your partner. These factors play a significant role in the overall sexual experience.

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