Burger King France’s Veggie Steakhouse Burgers now include vegan bacon by La Vie. The French vegan pork brand is backed by actor Natalie Portman.

La Vie’s vegan bacon is made with a mixture of soy, konjac, and sunflower oil. Its realistic taste and texture has convinced many investors to financially back the brand.

Earlier this year, Portman (known for her iconic roles in 2005’s V For Vendetta and 2010’s Black Swan among many others) participated in a Series A funding round that saw La Vie raise more than $28 million.

The brand’s vegan bacon is now available in 430 Burger King restaurants across France.

In an Instagram post about the launch, La Vie wrote: “One more small step for Burger King, a big leap for pigs and a major step forward in our mission, to introduce plants to as many people as possible.”

Burger King embraces meat-free options

Burger King’s decision to add the vegan bacon wasn’t a huge surprise to La Vie. Earlier this month, it publicly asked the fast-food giant to consider putting its plant-based meat on the menu and even made a petition. “We will try everything for them to notice us,” the brand posted on Instagram.

And Burger King listened. The new option isn’t vegan, however, as it includes dairy cheese. It also comes with crispy onions, salad, BBQ sauce, and flame-grilled vegetable mince.

Outside of France, Burger King has shown it is listening to consumers who want more plant-based choices. In the UK, where a recent study noted that more than a quarter of people want to reduce their meat intake, the chain turned its Leicester Square restaurant totally vegan for a limited period in March.

At the time, spokesperson for the chain Katie Evans said: “We’re incredibly proud of our new meat-free menu; it absolutely delivers on big taste with no compromises and reflects our ongoing commitment to serving our customers a diverse and innovative range of products.”

Burger King UK has also pledged to turn 50 percent of its menu meatless by 2030. 

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