The transport association for Berlin and Brandenburg, VBB, has announced that it will start the presale for the 9-euro ticket on May 23, giving everyone plenty of time to get their hands on the much-anticipated public transport pass before the offer kicks off on June 1 – provided the federal and state governments can agree on how the ticket will be financed. 

VBB announces presale for 9-euro ticket as government bickers with federal states

A spokesperson for the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association (VBB) told dpa that it wanted to start selling the 9-euro ticket as soon as next Monday (May 23), both via the internet and ticket machines. 

However, sales can only begin once the Bundestag and the Bundesrat have approved the project, and the latter’s blessing is far from guaranteed. A big question mark remains over how the financing will be split between the federal government and the federal states, with some states arguing that their portion of the bill is too great. 

The state transport ministers for Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg have both threatened to block the 9-euro ticket in the Bundesrat if the federal government doesn’t substantially increase its offer in terms of funding. The latter criticised the scheme as a “flash in the pan” that would do little to permanently strengthen public transport offerings or relieve drivers of high fuel prices. 

Other transport associations to start selling tickets from May 23

If approved, the new ticket would grant the holder unlimited travel on regional transport across Germany during June, July and August for just 9 euros per month. The ticket was introduced as part of a package of measures designed to relieve consumers amid the growing cost of living crisis. 

Many other transport associations across Germany have also said that they will start selling the tickets from May 23. 

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