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These BCAA supplements are sure to enhance training and performance through their ability to grow muscle and increase recovery.

Branch chain amino acids, or BCAAs, have long sat on shelves as popular supplements for athletes of all experience levels to boost their training and improve all aspects of a workout and recovery regimen. Working to enhance muscle growth, reduce muscle soreness and exercise fatigue, and prevent muscle wasting, BCAAs hold a variety of benefits for your health and performance.

What Are BCAAs?

Amino acids are organic compounds which provide the foundation for protein. There are 20 amino acids that make up protein, but of those 20, nine are considered essential amino acids which are not produced by the body but are essential for muscle growth. Three of these essential amino acids are branch chain amino acids (BCAAs): isoleucine, leucine, and valine. Differing in their chemical structures, BCAAs work to stimulate protein synthesis and increase that much desired muscle growth.

The three branched-chain amino acids are:

Leucine: Helps with protein synthesis and boosts growth hormone which promotes muscle gains and support of healthy muscles .

Isoleucine: Tackles some fat burning needs to aid in that desired change to body composition by using stored fat for fuel.

Valine: Works against tryptophan, an amino acid producing serotonin, to delay fatigue and keep you working hard.

BCAAs matter because they work to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, along with help from essential amino acids (EAAs). As a great supplement to use for intra-workout needs, all of the benefits to growth, recovery, delayed fatigue, and body composition changes will work to give you the most out of every workout. We all know we need a protein supplement and pre-workout and having an intra-workout product to boost our gains during the workout is icing on top.

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Benefits Of BCAAs

Increase muscle growth: Repair, grow and add new muscle tissue and aid in the process of protein synthesis .

Reduce fatigue: Decrease levels of tryptophan in the brain and raise levels of serotonin.

Decrease muscle soreness: Lowers levels of key enzymes that play a role in exercise-induced muscle damage to improve recovery .

We put together a list of the Best BCAA Supplements out there to give you the best chance at finding one that works for you and all of your performance goals. From reputable and high-quality brands, these will surely work for your muscle-building and performance enhancing goals.

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